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B&B Tremogge is located at Castelmaggiore, a small village in Tuscany, on the hills between the sea and the Pisan Mountains at the core of the Graziosa Valley.
The building, recently renovated, is a former watermill that dates back to 1650. Alongside the garden, at the back of the house, flows a mountain stream. In the old times this stream provided the energy to make the millwheel and millstones work.
The Graziosa Valley is characterized by its rolling hills flourishing of Mediterranean vegetation, that rise pleasantly up to 1000 meters. Enjoy the numerous trails, mule tracks and carrareccie that will lead you to many centers of naturalistic, historical and artistic interest.
The B&B Tremogge is only at few kilometers from the city of Pisa and the seaside. From here you can rapidly reach most of the famous sites of Tuscany and Italy.
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